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Proteus Coven is a thealogically liberal group within the Gardnerian family, exploring the dynamic balance of continuity and change that keeps our Tradition alive. We believe that there is no such thing as a completed education, so we seek to develop our skills as priests and priestesses throughout our active lives. We draw our power and inspiration from Nature and offer our personal creativity in service to the Gods, the people, and the Earth.

We are located in suburban New Jersey, near the shore of a (regrettably) polluted river, between two big black bridges and beside a concrete plant. It's a place where Earth healers belong...

Like all living things, this web site is a work-in-progress. We hope it will grow to be increasingly useful to our community as time goes on. May the thoughts contained here, and the manner of their sharing, bring good to many, harm to none, and honor to the Ancient Gods!

Judy Harrow, HPs

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Please visit our Library, where you'll  find resources for mature seekers and working elders.

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